About us





DIGITAL BANKING SOLUTIONS has the ambition to drive banking digital way, delivering the experience customers expect today!

Digital is shaping the future of every industry and money is no exception! The need for new products and smarter solutions is a reality that no Bank or financial institution can ignore! If you want to drive the digital way, we are ready to pave it for you!

DIGITAL BANKING SOLUTIONS is part of CREDIRISK international, a risk & compliance company, delivering clearing bank & finance houses operations for almost 20 years!


Our people, your people!

We thrive for the best people, because we believe is the only way to deliver the everyday increasing customers expectations! We strongly believe that the different profiles and cultures enriches the team and make us stronger, that´s why we are proud to say that we have a strong multicultural team, embracing different languages, cultures and backgrounds. They are the reason why we feel capable to deliver excellence in our service to customers around the globe. .

Employee testimonials


“It’s been a month I joined here and I’m glad I decided to work with DBS. I attribute this to the attitude which starts at the top and make every employee feel important. I’m amazed at the opportunities and looking forward to grow technically, creatively and personally here.”

Iyyanar Panneer

Senior Techno-Functional Consultant

“Digital Banking Solutions is absolutely people centric with its prime focus always on its human capital in every department. Together we work as a team to make DBS a great company with strong core values. 

DBS is truly a family environment that is encouraging, challenging and fun!

It also is great that the people from different countries who work here are very friendly and easy-going. The thing I loved most in this company is that we are free to explore new things and the management listen to the employees.”

Karthikeyan Govindaraju

Senior Business Consultant

Being part of this company since day one, it has been a tremendous but rewarding personal & professional challenge. I believe that success comes from the combination of hard work, devotion, overcoming challenges and goodwill.

Helena Coelho

Finance & People manager

My experience working for DBS – Digital Banking Solutions is very positive as team members are welcome to explore and develop their skills as the company is always seeking new ways to stay ahead of the industry and is always open to feedback and new ideas.

Filipa Faria

Junior Developer

Accepting to be part of the DBS company in another country and with a team from many different cultures was a radical and exciting life change for me and my family.

Working with people from other countries, with a different point of views has been very exciting, because despite the differences, everyone has the same goal to make it happen, which gives a lightness work environment.
The exigency for constant search for innovations and improvements is one of the features that attracted me the most, because I can use all my technical skills,leadership and entrepreneurship knowledge.
After a few months in this company, I know that the path chosen was the correct one.

Juarez Antonio Serrasqueiro

Project Director


CREDIRISK international created DIGITAL BANKING SOLUTIONS in 2019. DBS is about to start implementing digital services in two institutions in the next couple of months.

Be our guest and call us and become the next DIGITAL BANKING SOLUTIONS enhanced company!


We believe that strong partnerships are essential in the present and inevitable in the future! The moving speed of this world is no longer adapted to the ones that want to develop everything on their Own! We at DBS-DIGITAL BANKING SOLUTIONS are proud to deliver and excel based on a perfect set of strong partnerships that combined with our products, services and management skills result in a complete, robust, flexible, agile and competent digital solution for Banks and Financial houses.