Oracle Flexcube




Oracle FLEXCUBE is architected to support multiple deployment options and transformation strategies in a heterogeneous environment, according to the specific requirements of a bank.

Banks can now jump-start digital initiatives with a pre-baked and shrink-wrapped solution designed to work off-the-shelf with comprehensive capabilities across all banking functions. This shrink-wrapped solution is plug and play model with multiple options to co-deploy standalone point products.

Oracle also offers standalone best of breed point solutions, which enable banks to prioritize their business focus, address immediate strategic needs and undertake a progressive transformation to suit their strategic needs.

Oracle FLEXCUBE can help banks transform new products and service development, bundling with their own or those of partners and pricing them competitively and do so with agility and speed. The platform’s centralized product management, high levels of parameterization and support for complex process flows, allows banks to rapidly reconfigure systems to support new services and use cases.

The platform’s responsive user interface with intelligent information retrieval and contextual clarity also enables mobility and accelerated time-to-market.


Oracle FLEXCUBE offers banks a full range of capabilities to participate and profit from Open Banking. The solution enables banks to seamlessly and securely collaborate with third party service providers, while defining and remaining in control of the ecosystem a bank chooses to operate in.
Built for the heterogeneous enterprise, Oracle FLEXCUBE’s connected architecture enables seamless and secure integration with other banks, industry platforms, marketplaces and ecosystems. The solution offers seamless and secure information exchange using the industrialized standards of ISO 20022, Rest API libraries, a Blockchain adapter, SAML 2.0 and common integration frameworks to drive better collaboration and participation in connected ecosystems. The solution also enables simplified, pervasive and secure assimilation of information across Oracle and non-Oracle applications in the bank.

Oracle FLEXCUBE’s in-built library of RESTful services provides a platform that promotes an industrialization of API consumption and fuels the co-creation of applications and services around the bank. Additionally, the solution helps banks innovate much faster, provide service ubiquity and better comply with regulations such as European Union Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) and the UK’s Open Banking standards.


The platform is embedded with a blockchain adapter that enables Oracle FLEXCUBE to interface with any blockchain system. The adapter enables a seamless interchange of information between Oracle FLEXCUBE and external blockchain data sets, that can work with any version of Oracle FLEXCUBE with minimal changes. The adapter enables a bank to view all blockchain transactions from the Oracle FLEXCUBE solution. The easy configurability of the adapter enables banks to leverage blockchain technologies to solve business problems, improve process efficiency, reduce risk and enhance straight through processing.


Oracle FLEXCUBE helps drive operational efficiency and flexibility and offers the capability for to efficiently redefine operating and business models with its multiple deployment options that include on-premise to private, managed or public cloud. Oracle FLEXCUBE’s multi-tenant support enables the sharing of application/code and data allowing for significant resource and cost efficiencies.

With Oracle FLEXCUBE, banks can efficiently streamline, standardize or expand product lines, business lines and operations and rapidly respond to evolving business requirements with its highly extensible UI, business logic, strong localization capabilities and one-click deployment.

Oracle FLEXCUBE’s pre-integrated Machine Learning adapter also helps banks drive back office automation and operational efficiency. Additionally, the platform helps better compliance with evolving regulations and standards with out-of-the-box capabilities especially in the Payments, Open Banking and the data privacy space.”

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