DBS Horus for IFRS 9 solution is a state-of-the-art software pack that provides all the necessary reports and simulations for the complex IRFS 9 legislation.

The DBS Horus for IFRS 9 solution incorporates all the criteria underlying risk analysis to better guarantee the quality of the information, analysis, and risk default management of the various portfolios: securities, credit, and platforms.

The solution comprises an application with a high level of detail and in-depth analysis based on automatisms that offer the results of the most complex calculations, in a simple, fast, and visual way, reducing times and ensuring reliability and quality of the information for the decision-making process. One of the differentiating features of the DBS Horus for IFRS 9 solution is its capacity to execute the cash flow calculations until the maturity of each of the securities.

With our approach and software, banks will be able to respond to National regulators in a complete and auditable way. Simple, fast & reliable!

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