Oracle OBDX



Oracle Banking Digital Experience

An end-to-end enterprise digital solution for banks

To help banks address the changes in the market, Oracle has delivered a new enterprise class solution that empowers financial institutions to rapidly deliver end-to-end digital experiences while leveraging their existing IT infrastructure investments including their core banking systems. Oracle Banking Digital Experience is helping banks to deliver on their digital strategies including launch new digital brands, digitize processes, modernize digital experiences and launch new innovative digital capability such as mobile payments and digital wallets.

Helping banks execute their digital strategies Launch Digital Brand

Enables banks to demonstrate commitment to digital led transformation by launching digital brand with end to end capabilities in a much shorter time.

Digitize Processes

Simplifies and provides transparency to on-boarding processes, leading to faster to onboarding, reduced operation costs, process transparency and increased efficiency

Modernize Digital Experience

Provides modern experiences with customer centric design and allowing banks to participate in customers’ journey to meet financial goals and objectives

Launch New Digital Capability

Enables banks to deploy new digital assets and stay relevant to existing and new customers by quickly launching new capabilities like wallets, peer-to-peer payments and more.

Changing the Game

Oracle provides the highest level of performance, business intelligence, flexibility, security, and scalability, all at the lowest cost of ownership. With Oracle Banking Digital Experience, banks can effectively execute their digital transformation through launch of new digital brands, digitize processes, modernize digital experience and launch new digital capabilities.

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