Operational Risk



Organizations face growing threats due to non-financial risks-from compliance and misconduct to technology failures and operational errors. We can help providing enterprise-wide tactical and transformative solutions to manage these risks.

Any institution that has failed to manage its non-financial risks knows that the impact can be even more serious than more-familiar financial risks. The effects can be direct losses, such as fines, litigation, and remediation expenses from compliance lapses, or indirect damage to reputation and the business model from employee misconduct or failure to pass supervisory requirements.

Today’s non-financial risks cut across divisions and functions, often requiring enterprise-wide solutions. We can help our clients develop solutions, with distinctive knowledge and deep experience across all risk disciplines. We employ classical enablers, combined with advanced analytics and methodologies and tools.

DBS support clients to revamp the operational risk  framework, implementing Risk Control Self Assessments (RCSAs), defining Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) & thresholds, and also helping to use scenario’s analysis to evaluate high exposures and implementing & reviewing policies and procedures.

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